Antibody Round 3

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Antibody Round 3

Monday 8/12/13…
Brady tolerated antibody running at full rate. He had minimal pain- seems they found the right amount of pain meds to get him through this.  He ate a big breakfast & snacked a little throughout the day.

1170864_270886399719100_683679430_nTuesday 8/13/13…
Brady ate breakfast!  During the 1st two rounds he never ate once antibody started until we got home.  One thing about this round that he hates is the GMCSF injections…. I don’t blame him- he gets so mad afterwards. Overall, it was a GREAT day. He fought through the Benadryl twice and only took a 45 min snooze late in the afternoon. He continued to eat which is great!! He was out of bed playing a few times & he had a visit from his Jimmy Fund nurse; he hasn’t seen her in over a month and had news to share with her…. he’s been wearing big boy pants! Then he wore them as a hat.
He did get his first fever around 8pm, but that didn’t hold him back.
He was full of energy & didn’t give in and go to sleep until about 9pm. We finally shut the lights off to try to get him to relax around 8:40- about 10 minutes later his nurse was in here & out of nowhere we hear a burp- then there was silence- then he yelled out “scuse me!”   All we could do was laugh.  It was so cute.
For me… it was a very long day & I was exhausted, but I’ll take it- it was great to see him handling this round so much better than the last two.

Wednesday 8/14/13…
Another great day for Brady! His appetite continued, minimal pain and 1149028_271063479701392_1313976923_nhe wanted to stay awake & play all day. He played & talked with all the nurses. at one point he had the admin from 6E & another nurse in his room & he was sharing his lollipops with them & then wanted to see everyone’s tongues & said “ok, let’s see all our tongues” and he had his out & was trying to see his own. He was in a great mood!  Auntie Tracey came to visit me- we had planned it before the week began & I figured it’d be a good chance for us to visit since Brady slept through the afternoon in the previous 2 rounds.  I was wrong- he was awake when she arrive which was actually a nice surprise & they were able to visit before I was able to finally convince him to take a much needed nap.

Thursday 8/15/13…
Antibody infusion for this round finished around 8pm.  Brady was a trooper the whole week.  I came into this round expecting the worse & he surprised me. Seems to have surprised many of the nurses & doctors here too.  After his injection, he played in the hallway with his shake n go cars with his nurse & the admin. He had so much fun!

1157656_272027362938337_139886280_nFriday 8/16/13…
Great to be home.  Not only did Brady blow this round of antibody away, he made a lot of progress this week socially. He is usually very shy & when anyone would come in the room and talk to him previously, he would always say “no” or “mom”. I am sure a lot of it was when he just didn’t feel good.  This week he was talking to everyone & would ask them to play with him.  I am very proud of him.  He was so proud of something he did or showing off his toys & he’d share the news with anyone that walked in the door.
We got home late afternoon & of course he wanted to ride tractors with Grampy.
Hopefully he will continue to feel good before we go back to start next round on the 9th.



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